Man Hacked Lottery Machines to Give Predictable Jackpot

Man Hacked Lottery Machines to Give Predictable Jackpot

A security director who was in charge of lottery machines has been found guilty of fixing a $16.5m lottery jackpot. As the man hacked lottery machines to give predictable jackpot is also alleged to have rigged several other similar machines. This not only gave him the ability to predict the winning numbers, but it has also helped a number of people close to him.

Eddie Tipton, the former security director of the US Multi-State Lottery Association, started installing software across several machines. This allowed him to rig the random-generated lottery numbers several times a year, allowing an easy prediction which would win him millions. The end of the road came when he was charged last year for rigging the $16.5million jackpot in Iowa, but due to further investigations is now awaiting trials for five other fixed winnings across Colorado, Wisconsin, Oklahoma and Kansas.

Lipton was caught when authorities identified him on surveillance footage showing him buying the winning ticket for $16.5million at a Des Moines gas station back in 2010. Lipton’s younger brother Tommy, who was also in on the scam which saw him netting over $1.2million in winnings from the Colorado and Oklahoma lotteries. The six total jackpot winnings ranged from 2005 to 2011. The hacking program was developed by Tipton and was tested by authorities and found that they were able to recreate draws and ‘winning’ numbers overtime.

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