Major Cyber Attacks Set to Increase Over Next Decade

Major Cyber Attacks Set to Increase Over Next Decade

In an unsurprising series of findings, internet experts have revealed the growing concern of internet security and cyber crime is leading to much more catastrophic disasters. With major cyber attacks set to increase over next decade, the level of threat is set to increase, posing more of a danger than ever. In a survey conducted by Pew Research, a US-based research company, polled almost 2000 internet experts on the future of cyber attacks and how serious the attacks will become.

The question posed to the experts was if by 2025, a major cyber attack would have affected an entire nation’s security or welfare. The majority of voters claimed that it will happen, 61% claimed that it will happen. The level of widespread harm would include loss of life, property damage and theft in the billions ranges. With all these dangers, they would all stem from the advancement of technology with an inter-connected internet world. With more and more systems connected and existing online of course brings more risk of hacking and sabotage.

If a country, or an organisation, would or could hack into an online system, it could affect millions and endanger an entire nation. With banking and finance having existed online for a while now, both of these have suffered many attacks and breaches. When you throw into energy, transportation and even defence systems in the mix, then monetary losses pale in comparison. With the way technology is progressing, automated cars will be susceptible to hacking and sabotaging too.

For a recent example of how entire nations have targeted other countries for cyber attacks have been the joint effort between Israel and USA in developing the Stuxnet computer worm which targeted and affected Iran’s nuclear facilities back in 2010. These kind of attacks could be commonplace, especially when the time comes that entire nations depend on robotic labour and computer controlled systems including transport and other important facilities.

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