Key benefits of a VPN

Key benefits of a VPN

benefits of a vpn

The benefits of a VPN are numerous. Here are the 3 main ones that VPN providers offer:


The main function of a VPN is to secure your Internet connection. It creates a secure tunnel which is encrypted between your computer and Le VPN. Then any surfing occurs behind Le VPN tunnel. So, what goes between your PC / tablet and Le VPN is secure via an encrypted tunnel that compresses your traffic. If you have a connection of 10 MB per second, downloading a file 1000 MB, for example, take 70 seconds instead of 100 seconds without compression. De facto, your connection speed increases from 10 MBps to 14.3 MBps. The connection is faster, which is ideal in places where the Internet connection is underpowered.

You can also significantly reduce attacks by cybercriminals who want to directly attack your ISP IP address, due to Le VPN provides you with an anonymous IP address.

Finally, when using a WiFi connection either via a computer, smartphone or tablet, you surf safely. A wireless network is indeed very easy to hack: one can easily retrieve your data, see what you do online on a number of sites, through this type of open connection. With Le VPN, all your sensitive data, data exchanges are encrypted and protected.

Enhanced Privacy

It provides you with an anonymous IP address that replaces the one provided by your ISP. The IP address which you can choose to be located in the country of your choice makes you virtually invisible and cannot be blocked.

The traces of Internet activity can directly or indirectly identify individuals, even if they are protected by the right to privacy. A Virtual Private Network limits these steps you took, through an anonymous IP.

In addition, your ISP cannot limit your internet activities. Some countries ban specific sites like Facebook or monitor connections via Skype or MSN. Expats like the benefits VPN gives us to keep in touch with their loved ones. Finally, it allows you to avoid the ad targeting from companies making profit on your topics of interest. You will no longer be bothered by offers from tour agents, after completing a Google search on Kenya for instance.

Free your Internet surf and exchanges

Data exchanges are protected by Le VPN IP. You can download and share all the content you want and surf without restrictions. You can also bypass geographic restrictions practiced by media sites such as Hulu, the free video on demand website that ban viewing videos for IP addresses that are not located in the United States or M6 Replay website that allow access to its content exclusively to French IPs.

Finally, you can bypass the restrictions of some ISPs that reduce your connection speed on sites like Youtube and streaming sites direct downloads.

Visit Le VPN website today to check all the plans or follow us on social networks to get a free account, so that you can enjoy all these benefits.

Use the Internet by Your Own Rules

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