Instagram Follows Snapchat’s Footsteps And Launches Location Stories Feature

Instagram Follows Snapchat’s Footsteps And Launches Location Stories Feature

Instagram is following Snapchat’s footsteps. In line with the Snapchat’s Stories Search Feature, the company has come up with the Location stories feature on its Explore page. However, Instagram Explore tab looks very different from that of Snapchat.

What Is This New Feature on Instagram Explore Tab?

No doubt! Instagram Explore tab has features which help the user find photographs and videos. The new location feature will have the location and hashtag stories. This will have all the stories that are happening around you.

For the stories to be included, the user will have to use the geo-location and hashtag stickers. If someone does not want to be part of the story, then they have to simply click on the X on the stories viewers list. This new feature Instagram Explore tab is a part of the version 10.22 of Instagram. It is available for both Android and Apple phones.

Access Instagram Explore Tab with A VPN

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