YouTube too slow to load with Freebox in France? Connect with Le VPN!

YouTube too slow to load with Freebox in France? Connect with Le VPN!

If you are based in France and that you have subscribed to Free ADSL, you will surely need a lot of patience to watch a video on YouTube. YouTube is often too slow to load, even at a very low resolution.

Watching movies, enjoying videos or new music clips when it is scattered with a slow connection will not make you able to enjoy those programs and will irritate each and everyone, that is for sure. Youtube slow loading is not pleasant at all.

The problem is recognized by Free Telecom for some time now, and according to them: “The pipes between Google and Free are full at certain times, and each party points the responsibility to add pipes to the other. This is a classic problem that happens everywhere, but more often with Google. “

We have also noticed that some Google sites are also very slow to load, like Google Docs, for example.

According to “For several months, consumers turn to the UFC-Que Choisir to report problems connecting to certain Internet services from their network Free. Operator Free Telecom has never denied dysfunction between network and YouTube, accusing the latter of not wanting to pay for the bandwidth needed (…) It is important to decide the dispute which hijacks customers and better manage the market. Indeed, consumers receive a low service without being informed beforehand and without being able to use this as a cause for termination. “

Network speed is a crucial factor when choosing a VPN, as it is annoying to have constant random pauses due to buffering issues. Indeed, using a VPN does slow down your internet connection, although with a good VPN service this performance hit is often negligible, with other factors such as overall network speed having a greater effect.

Another important point when choosing a VPN is distance, i.e.; number of servers and countries offered. Indeed, it takes time for electrons to pass a signal half way across the world and back again. Therefore, the further away you are from your destination VPN server, the more lag and also buffering you will go through. Thus accessing ABC Channel from a slow internet connection in China is always doggy, therefore it is always important to choose a VPN provider who is fast and offer a large number of servers and countries.

So we tested the connection to YouTube from Freebox with and without Le VPN, and had the following results:

With Le VPN, one can watch Youtube videos without any problem at resolution 1080 pixels, vs. a super long loading time, even in a low 360p resolution with Freebox connection without Le VPN.

Why is an internet connection faster with Le VPN ? Indeed, Le VPN has priority Premium pipes for all VPN connections!

Pipes between Google / YouTube and Free Telecom are full at certain times, which results in congestion and a very slow connection. When you connect to the Internet with Free, your connection passes the following stages:

Your Computer -> Freebox -> Free’s busy pipes -> Youtube. 

So without Le VPN you go through the overloaded pipes between Free and Youtube.

When you connect with Le VPN, you will then avoid the overloaded channel between Free and Youtube, even if Free is your Internet provider. Le VPN uses indeed Premium pipes, so that your Le VPN connection is always fast. With VPN, you connect as follows:

Your computer -> Free Premium pipe -> Le VPN Premium pipe -> Youtube.

Therefore, to avoid the overloaded pipe between Free and Youtube / Google and to load the Youtube video faster, use Le VPN for your connection.

It is also the best VPN to unblock Youtube if you are based in another country and to go around geolocalisation constraints.

So try Le VPN today!

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