How does Identity Theft Happen?

How does Identity Theft Happen?

Identity theft is one of those things that we think always happens to someone else. Simply, we can’t imagine someone doing something with our data and that anyone would accept that information, because those people are not us, and will never be us.

That stems from the misconception that our legal person is the same as our actual identity. And the truth is much worse. The reason why your legal identity is stolen is that it comes with all of the benefits of being a working and law-abiding member of society, without any of the negatives.

Thankfully, there are ways to deal with identity theft, even after the fact. If you are using software like Le VPN to hide your device identity and practice cyber hygiene, you should be able to prevent identity theft before it happens, which is a much better option.

Identity and Personhood – What Is the Difference?

Not to enter the deeply philosophical and physiological discussion about what is a person, but that is who you are on the inside. Your experiences, senses, and self-awareness all slowly form what you think about when you imagine your person.

And that exists even if you are alone and will be with you until you are present.

Your identity is who you are for other people. Here is where your relations, name, prior achievements, and general cultural background come into action. And, because humans are social animals, it is only slightly less important than who you are on the inside.

Among all of those relational identities, data thieves are after a specific set. They want to assume your identity, as seen by the government and banking institutions. This way, you get the flak and legal responsibilities, and they get the benefits.

Cutting into The Middle

To adequately fake your identity, an information thief can’t just go into a bank with your name and social security number and ask for a mortgage. Both government institutions and banks require a lot more information to act on any request.

What they need to do is to cut in-between you and the institution and become the only source of information for that bank when it comes to your file. Otherwise, there is a chance that the bank will contact you directly and ask why do you need a new mortgage.

This is one of the main reasons why you should both always use a VPN, and have a separate phone number for banks, institutions, and passwords than your public phone.

Three Ways Identity Theft Happens

How does Identity Theft Happen? | Le VPN

Although there was a time when some proficient hackers could break into the database and steal everything they need, that is no longer the case.

Now, all identity thefts are a result of human error at some point. This mistake can be committed by the owner of the identity, or someone in the institution that isn’t following protocol.

There are, currently, three main ways of how malicious entities online can get to your data.

#1 You Tell them

It might sound silly, but the easiest way to get someone’s most private information is to ask them directly to send it over. It is incredible to see that so many people don’t know how to use a VPN and protect their private data.

Usually, the scammer will pretend that they are from your bank, or some institution like the police, and casually ask for you to confirm your identity by telling them your social security number.

There are also cases where they talk about prizes or some benefits that you should get, and make you disclose what you shouldn’t that way.

#2 Mosaic Collection

The most complex system of data theft is by collecting scraps from multiple locations and piecing them together.

Because not enough people practice cyber hygiene as good and often as they should, little bits of information are being collected and compiled to make the final push to assume your legal identity.

#3 Fooling the System

Finally, especially if they have collected some of the scraps you have left behind, like your phone number, bank statements, or other personal details, a fraudster can call a bank or institution in your name and fool the technical support person into giving them the rest.

Because IT support personnel are often under a lot of stress and fear from an issue getting escalated, they might forgo the security procedure and give our info that they shouldn’t.

There are Solutions

Thankfully, there are ways to protect your legal identity and make it virtually impossible for anyone to piece your identity details from your presence on the internet.

Primarily, you should use the best mobile security app that you can and protect all of your devices. Also, the devices of your family members should be protected as well.

And, even more important, you should make as little of your personhood available online for someone to collect. Or, if you want to communicate, at least do it under a pseudonym. The best way to keep your private information hidden is to keep it, well, private.


Threats of identity theft should not scare you off using the internet and enjoying all of the benefits it has to offer. But you should take up some precautionary measures.

By using a premium VPN provider like Le VPN, with all of the features coming with it, your devices will be safe. And, if you add good online behavior and cyber hygiene to that mix, there will be no hacker in the world capable of stealing your info.



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