Best Mobile Security App for Your iOS or Android

Best Mobile Security App for Your iOS or Android

Cybersecurity is very similar to ogres, at least in the fact that they are like onions, and have layers. Aside from a premium VPN connection and your own dedication to security and privacy, you will need the best mobile security app available.

Modern security apps for smartphones and tablets are quite different from even desktop anti-viruses from the past as they need to include multiple modes of protection. Primarily, your mobile security app needs to protect you from malicious software, viruses, and trojans. But that is not all.

The best mobile security app needs to combine its strengths with your VPN and your native security system. Premium VPN providers like Le VPN have lightweight apps to protect your connection. The security app needs to be as lightweight so that you can keep it on at all times.

Finally, the UI of the app needs to be easy to use and compatible with your needs. You should be able to use the software quickly and often, without losing your smartphone features in the meantime.

Mobile Security Apps: NVP or Assistant?

There is no I in cybersecurity, and there are two Ys to explain that. No single software or action can provide you with sufficient security and privacy that you need.

The real NVP of your privacy and security is you, the user, as you will need to organize and maintain all of the systems. The rest, including your operating system native security, your mobile security apps, as well as your VPN connection, must all work together.

But, unless you opt to not go on the internet at all, you won’t be able to protect yourself without this software. Even the best and most diligent cyber hygiene can’t protect you from some rogue malware that was cast in a wide net.

How to Pick out the Best Mobile Security App?

Each user will have their preference when it comes to cybersecurity apps, but there are a few categories that need to be accessed. For an application to get the title of the best mobile security app, it needs to excel in all of them, providing us will easy and stable security.

Due to the number of attacks we experience every day, partial solutions are not acceptable. Your native security system in your phone will stop 99% of all cyber-attacks as if it was a hand sanitizer, but the 1% that is left can be devastating. You will need a solution that will be active all the time and protect you without you needing to tend to it constantly.

Additionally, the difference between a free security app and a premium one is the same as with proxy vs. VPN, as one will have a lot fewer features than the other.

Finally, you will want software that is compatible with your other apps. You don’t want your security apps removing your VPN or blocking other legitimate and safe apps just because it is not sure if they are a threat or not.


Security is the main issue when it comes to mobile anti-virus apps, and there is no way around this category.

No amount of speed, compatibility, or a pretty UI will save security software that doesn’t do its purpose. This is not as simple as bringing the butter, and it needs to be up to date with its registry and quick to react against threats.

As your anti-virus is your last line of defense, it needs to have priorities straight. All phone resources must be used if the device is at risk. But, the app should never, under no circumstances, prioritize giving you adds and promotions instead of protecting your system.


Depending on the hardware capacity of your device, speed will always vary. But, the best mobile security app must do its best to prioritize the search and make it faster. This should be the case both with regular checks and silent running in the background.

A good app will understand the difference between system files, app file, and media file and look through them accordingly. Not a lot of malware can attack a picture itself but may target imaging software, and your security app should know that.

Spending hours upon hours sifting through all of your pictures and music to get to important system files that take minutes is unacceptable.

Resource Demands

While every security app must offer real-time protection, it should not use too much processor resources to do so. Your CPU should not be dedicated solely to your security, and there should be ample space for everything.

Malware detection, as well as regular checks, should be optimized to use as little of your RAM and CPU as possible, while still doing their job.

This is especially important because you will need the capability to run several different apps at the same time. You should include here your VPN connection and any other application that you need, such as your browser.


Compatibility is a major issue when it comes to mobile security apps. This especially the case if we are talking about a free app, or maybe a free version of a regular piece of software.

In most cases, you will find a security app with good reviews on the app store for iOS devices, or Google Play when it comes to android devices. But, once you install it, it says that many of your apps, including in-built apps, are malware.

Being overzealous when it comes to security on mobile devices is as bad as being careless. There needs to be a balance that your anti-virus software works, but without preventing your phone from working.

Regular Updates

Lastly, whoever is developing the app should be able to give regular updates. These should be in small increments and constant, making you secure at all time.

Additionally, the app should recognize when you are connected over WiFi as not to use your mobile data. But, even then you should be informed how big the updates are, and how long will they take.

Top Picks for 2019

Best Mobile Security App for Your iOS or Android. | Le VPN

Depending on your needs, as well as the capacity of your mobile device, you might want to consider different options.

There are multiple developers on the market, and the best mobile security app for your needs will usually come from one of the big ones. Large developers with experience in security software have jumped on to making mobile security software quite early, and there are now a couple of good options.

Most of the options listed below have both Android and iOS apps, as well as those made for Windows Mobile and other less used operating systems. Regardless, you should always make a shortlist of two or three apps to test them and see which one actually works best in real life.

#1 Avast Mobile Security

Avast’s mobile security app is filled with features and very customizable. With a bit of tinkering, any user will be able to make it their own and use exactly the features that they need.

Those using the free version will be flooded with obnoxious ads and will have a couple of important options, like call-blocking, disabled. But, the premium feature is quite affordable and isn’t particularly resource-demanding.


  • Affordable
  • Customizable
  • Relatively lightweight
  • Additional options for VPN users


  • Free version bloated with ads
  • Unreliable anti-theft feature

For Whom is it for?

This mobile security app is for people with multiple devices or those who use their phone as a daily driver for both work and leisure. The customization options become helpful when you have a specific way of using your device.

#2 Avira Antivirus Security

The best thing about Avira’s smartphone app is the focus on privacy and identity safeguards. This will work wonders with a premium VPN, and providers such as Le VPN could create a synergetic result with this security app.

The app’s only downside is that it doesn’t block malicious websites. But, if you are already using a premium VPN, you will get that type of protection there.


  • Synergy with VPN
  • Affordable
  • Can be used on multiple devices
  • Identity safeguard features
  • Possibility to scan external storage cards
  • Relatively lightweight


  • No website blocking on the free version
  • Some learning curve

For Whom Is it for?

People who have a lot of Android devices will benefit from this app. The synergy with a VPN makes it a good choice for all people who browse and communicate a lot using their phone. The app works with TOR and VPN, as well as some other proxy features.

#3 BitDefender Mobile Security

BitDefender is a simple software, but quite unbreakable. It has a vanilla design and not much really pops up when you use it, as it is completely focused and security and speed.

The anti-virus features are spotless, and there are also anti-theft options that protect your phone IRL.

Finally, the app is very lightweight, and the best mobile security app for those with older or over-encumbered mobile devices.


  • Perfect malware detection
  • Plain user interface
  • Comprehensive security features
  • Very lightweight
  • Very affordable


  • Few utility features
  • A simplistic design

For Whom Is it for?

While anyone can use BitDefender, it will be the preferred choice for people with older or lower-range devices. It is not a beautiful piece of software, but it is very reliable and affordable.

#4 Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus

Kaspersky is a household name when it comes to cybersecurity, and with a good reason. There are multiple advantages, even when it comes to free software.

But, the premium service is where it’s at, as KMA offers a top of the line security service on all fronts. From blocking malicious software to automatic scans and anti-phishing options, Kaspersky offers all of that in a relatively lightweight package.


  • Almost perfect protection
  • Loads of features
  • Very fast scans
  • Relatively lightweight
  • Anti-phishing system


  • Most features are reserved for the premium version
  • The UI is a bit aggressive
  • Questionable relationship with Russian authorities

For Whom Is it for?

Kaspersky is slightly expensive, and some users might not need as many features. If budget is not an issue for you, or you have very high security concerns, then Kaspersky is one of, if the best mobile security app, on the market today.

#5 McAfee Security & Power Booster

McAfee has cybersecurity software across all platforms, and they bring the same quality to their mobile app. The security features are good, and there are additional systems to protect you from all sorts of malware.

But, there McAfee really stands out is in the design of their app. It is simple and direct while still being color-coded and intuitive. Even people with not a lot of experience with cybersecurity will easily discern what it is and would be able to use even the advanced features.


  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent UI
  • Good anti-theft features
  • Excellent malware protection


  • The free version is bloated with ads

For Whom Is it for?

New users and people just starting with their cybersecurity will benefit greatly from the straightforward design. Anyone more interested with other things that with cybersecurity will find McAfee preferable to most other software options.

Best Strategy is Not to Be There

Cybersecurity is kind of like a fistfight, as the best strategy is simply not to be there when it happens.

Using a VPN on your mobile device should be the first line of defense and provide the primary source of protection for your personal data. As even legitimate websites deal with data collection and IP marking, there is no way to enjoy safe browsing without masking your IP address.

With premium VPN mobile apps, such as the one provided by Le VPN, you can easily put the weight off your anti-virus and system protection by not being in harm’s way.

The best protection you can have is one that is adaptable and made in layers, as you never know what will be the next big hack and the next virus you stumble upon.

Apps, VPNs, and Cyber Hygiene

Good cybersecurity is a trifecta of your apps, your VPN connection, and your own behavior. If you can sync all three to work for the same goal, you should be perfectly safe.

For cyber hygiene, you should make sure that you are not spreading your data around. Leaving pictures and videos on forums and doggy storage, or telling strangers your username and password is a very bad idea.

To know what is a VPN that will work best for you, you must first assess what your exact needs are. Even on a singular device, you will always want a VPN over a simple proxy connection, but some users will need speed over adaptability, or servers in exact locations.

Finally, there are the anti-virus apps. To pick out the best mobile security app, you will need to be familiar with your devices and their capabilities, as well as your needs and demands. Some people will be mostly interested in blocking malicious websites, while others will benefit from anti-theft features.

Always On – To Hell with the Battery

Turning off your VPN and your mobile security app is a very ‘’bear-grilsian’’ way of survival. You are placing yourself in arguably more danger than you would by simply turning your phone off.

If you have issues with your device’s battery life, it is much better to invest in an external battery that you can use to fill up everything than to fall upon doggy tactics of turning off everything so that you have those precious ten minutes of unsafe pleasure. The last thing is always a bad idea, no matter the context.

Your VPN app, your security app, as well as your system firewall, should always be on. Your charging requirements should be based around this fact, as you never want to be left unprotected visible online.


One of the main philosophies in cybersecurity is to remain calm and not to expect everything from a single app. To pick out the best mobile security app, you will need to understand your VPN connection and even personal habits as best as possible.

Thankfully, if you are using a premium VPN hotspot app, such as the one provided by Le VPN, you will have a lot of CPU resources and compatibility to pick any of the best security apps on the market today.

Finally, the choice will be your preference, and that is the best thing that can happen to you. This way, no hacker, corporation, or government will be able to force you in a cybersecurity bottleneck. You will be able to surf and communicate safe and sound and with no risk to your privacy.



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