HybridVPN – Ultimate in Speed and Security

HybridVPN – Ultimate in Speed and Security

Now you can finally enjoy the speed and security of both SmartDNS and a VPN connection in HybridVPN. A completely new service from Le VPN which means you no longer have to choose between securing yourself online and bottlenecking your connection whilst trying to stream content. With HybridVPN, your connection remains fast but still possesses all the reliability and security. HybridVPN – ultimate in speed and security.

HybridVPN works by having all your internet traffic pass through out highly secure VPN tunnel while all  regional restrictions are automatically unblocked. So wherever you may be, you can easily watch US, UK or French channels without actually having to connect to that country directly. You can simply connect to a HybridVPN in your local country and content will be unlocked automatically. Whilst doing so, you won’t suffer any drop in speeds as well remaining anonymous and secure from attacks. HybridVPN won’t lose any speed as most of the media content won’t be redirected through the original country, unlike standard VPNs.

With the team behind Le VPN always looking to improved the service, HybridVPN is their best development yet. HybridVPN will be available to all existing customers at no extra cost, as it is included in the premium package. New customers can sign up today and take advantage of unblocking online media without sacrificing internet speeds and can take HybridVPN everywhere they go. Le VPN, and HybridVPN, will work on all devices you use to connect to the internet with, whether its your laptop, mobile phone or tablet. To find out more about HybridVPN, and to see which international channels are supported, check out the new HybridVPN page.



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