High School Students Hack CIA Director’s Email

High School Students Hack CIA Director’s Email

The personal email account of John Brennan, the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, was hacked and led to the exposure of more than 20 employees of the CIA. Federal investigators are looking into the breach of security after the attack took place on Monday which left the Director red-faced. When it was found that high school students hack CIA director John Brennan, the motives were unclear.

It was then later found out the the teenager’s motives were tied to Palestine. The as of yet unnamed hacker announced that he was not a Muslim, but in fact motivated by opposing the United State’s foreign policy and a supporter of Palestine. It is still not known who exactly is behind the attacks, but what is known is that there is believed to be just two teenagers behind the attacks. The hackers first leaked a document on Twitter said to contain a number of contacts from within the CIA. The spreadsheet included names and addresses of around 20 personnel. The personal details included security clearance levels, email addresses, as well as social security and telephone numbers.

What has set this hack aside from the numerous cyber attacks that have occurred recently, most noticeably the US government  itself, is that this wasn’t an extremely technical or elaborate type of hack. The teenagers simply hacked into the email account through acquiring personal details that only John Brennan himself should know. By convincing Verizon that they were in fact Brennan himself, they provided various personal details that were used to gain access. From within the account they were able to obtain numerous personal and private details.

It is not yet known exactly what was obtained in the hack, but from what the hackers have released via Twitter, there could be even more sensitive data. Since the breach, the teenagers have been dropping hints and teasing further information by revealing screenshots and glimpses of various files including what looks like financial records.

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