HBO to Release New Online Streaming Service

HBO to Release New Online Streaming Service

HBO are finally delivering on a service that has been in such high demand, access to the many award winning shows of HBO without having to pay for an expensive cable service as well. HBO Now is HBO’s answer to Netflix, streaming their entire back catalogue, including over 2000 episodes of content at launch. The shows that will be available to stream will include True Detective, The Sopranos, Girls, and Game of Thrones, so just in time for the season five premiere.

But one drawback to the new service, is that HBO Now won’t be streaming live shows as they are shown on the television network, keeping it strictly an on-demand service. To watch live shows, you will still need a cable subscription with HBO. For now, the only way to sign up to HBO Now is to go through Apple, via the app store to download the app for your iPhone, iPad or Apple TV. This is due to a deal HBO signed with Apple reserving them an exclusive deal of HBO Now for three months. There has been no word from HBO in regards to other distributors such as Google.

HBO Now will initially launch in just the USA, so if you attempt to access the service outside the country you will encounter an error message, even if you are a subscriber in the USA and leave the country. One way to counter this until HBO release plans for an international version, use Le VPN and HybridVPN to change your IP address. By switching your IP address, your ‘virtual location’, to the USA, you can access the entire catalogue of HBO without actually being in the country.

Sign up to Le VPN and enjoy the true freedom of the internet without the regional restrictions that are imposed from websites to streaming services. HBO Now will be released with an initial price of $14.99 a month, giving unlimited access to the entire back catalogue of HBO shows.




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