Hackers Steal Over $1billion in Online Bank Thefts

Hackers Steal Over $1billion in Online Bank Thefts

In one of the largest scale bank thefts recorded, hackers steal over $1Billion in online bank thefts from more than 100 banks throughout the world. Russian security firm Kaspersky reported the breach as it was learned that the hacking ring has been active since at least 2013. It is believed that more than 100 banks in over 30 countries have been affected with some banks losing more than $7.3million.

The hackers targeted particular banks by gaining access to the bank’s computers through phishing scams and discretely monitoring employees actions and learning the banking systems. By taking screenshots and videos of the banks operations, the hackers were able to steal money by programming ATMs to dispense money at certain times and setting up fake accounts to transfer money to.

The thieves managed to avoid detection for so long by limiting their takings from banks to a certain amount before moving on to the next target. This kind of target is unusual as the hackers didn’t target the customers or their data but the banks themselves. Amongst the countries targeted, the main attacks occurred in the US, Germany, China, Russia and Ukraine.

Authorities still do not know who is behind the attacks but customer can be assured that their data and their accounts are safe. But everyone is reminded to keep an eye on their accounts and make sure their personal details are secure and to be vigilant when using online banking. Le VPN can ensure your connection remains secure wherever you connect from and by using the brand new service HybridVPN, you can now easily secure your connection as well as allowing you to access content otherwise restricted.



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