Hacker Steals Fingerprint From Picture

Hacker Steals Fingerprint From Picture

Even though Passwords can prove useful in protecting our data, they can also be frustrating to remember, not to mention relatively easy for hackers to crack. Alternatives are being explored to replace the trusted security measure. One such alternative is fingerprint scanning technology which has been in use for many years already and even included in new smartphones. But is a fingerprint scanner any safer than a password? Not when a hacker steals fingerprint from picture.

A German computer hacker showed the world how easy it was to steal someone’s fingerprint, just from a photograph. By using a high resolution picture, Jan Krissler used commercial software to lift a fingerprint and subsequently forge it to bypass the biometric security.

If it is this relatively easy to replicate someone’s fingerprint, then the search for an alternative to passwords continue. Other options include retinal scans, wearable technology to identify yourself, and voice recognition. Until a better solution appears, your best bet is to make sure your passwords are strong and hard to crack.

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