After Being Hacked, Sony Become the Hackers

After Being Hacked, Sony Become the Hackers

After the crippling attack on Sony Pictures a few weeks ago, resulting in a shutdown of entire offices and untold amounts of damage. Including a total of five films leaked, salary information for actors and executives and account details for Twitter and Facebook amongst the data. In retaliation, the company have taken aim at websites who are hosting their stolen data. Films that are yet to be released have been leaked online and spread like wildfire across the internet, on various file sharing websites. This of course has lead to thousands of illegal downloads. After being hacked, Sony become the hackers.

Sony have been trying their hardest on stopping people from downloading their data. By implementing hacking techniques, the company has targeted sites that are hosting the files and preventing people from accessing the site and downloading the films. It is claimed that Sony is using Amazon Web Services (AWS), a collection of remote computing services, to stage an attack on websites. A move like this is called a DDOS, distributed denial of service, to overload certain websites, rendering them inaccessible for users. By doing so, no one will be able to download any further content.

Attacks such as this are widely used by hackers and even film studios, who hope to sabotage websites that share illegal copies of films. Sony are yet to comment on the hack, but the consequences have been felt throughout the company, including stopping of film shoots as payments cannot be processed.

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