Google to Crackdown on Ad Injection Software

Google to Crackdown on Ad Injection Software

Search engine giant Google has announced that one in 20 online users are infected with a new kind of malware which places unwanted adverts within web browsers. These malware install themselves within internet browsers such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox or any other browser. These malicious applications can also install themselves onto the system as a stand-alone program. In reaction to these programs, Google to crackdown on ad injection software.

Google has removed over 200 extensions from its Chrome store, those that install within the browser and place intrusive adverts throughout your online activity. Once installed, these malicious program can be difficult to remove. It is claimed that there could be over 50,000 browser extensions and 30,000 applications that inject ad software into computers. One way Google is combatting this problem is by implementing its safe browsing feature on Chrome, which displays a message warning users.

Google is also notifying companies that appear on these intrusive adverts as a means to prevent these companies from advertising through some unethical methods. But these ad injectors are more than just annoyances for users, they also pose potential security risks as well. Intrusive ad software can also leave the system open to attacks as it affects the encryption that protects the security of web pages.

This isn’t the first time a major attack of intrusive ad software has affected users. Earlier this year Lenovo laptops shipped with ad injection software built in, subsequently titles ‘Superfish’. To make sure you stay safe whenever you are online, sign up to Le VPN and make sure your connection is secure. Le VPN can also give you the freedom of accessing unrestricted content no matter where you are accessing it from.



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