Google to remove research censorship warnings in China

Google to remove research censorship warnings in China

China is a difficult market for Google: the Web giant has been fighting for many years with the government over Internet censorship and freedom.

Google search engine based in Hong Kong will completely remove warnings sent to users. Until now, even though the web giant was not able to circumvent censorship that restricts access to Web content to Chinese Internet users, Google was fighting by providing messages when a research was launched on a term censored by the Chinese government.

Google thus revealed to the user a warning message stating that research on these terms could lead to a loss of connection due to a deliberately blocked content.

After numerous clashes with the Chinese government, Google has announced it will stop sending these messages as from December.

According to a source of the Guardian, the firm has decided to do so, given its counterproductive effects: web users were seeing their connections purely suspended in retaliation.

Google’s services have undergone extra obstacles in China since November 2012. This battle has intensified itself after Google moved its offices from central China to Hong Kong in 2010. At the same time, China has strengthened its filtering policy, focusing on VPN servers and implementing various methods in addition to the usual firewalls.

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