Google Play Store Malware

Google Play Store Malware

The threat of malware is evident in all segments of the cyberspace. So, it is always better to implement proper safety measures at your level. Using a Le VPN for browsing the sites offer 100% protection against malware threat. You would like to check IP address of your network and change it with Le VPN’s IP address. This way, you can browse the internet anonymously, and no one can guess your exact location.

Google Play Store Malware

Even Google Play Store is not free from malicious applications. Google has made a substantial amount of efforts to prevent these from getting into the store. In spite of these measures, malware manages to get into the store and steal passwords of accounts of the users. It will keep you secure from these threats. Reach out to a reliable company Le VPN to keep your mobile safe from online threats.

85 Malware Applications In Google Play Store

Recently, security researchers have come across as many as 85 malware applications in Google Play Store, which have been designed to steal authentic data from a social network based in Russia. People have downloaded millions of these applications. With these threats looming around, you simply need to check IP address and change it, when you use a virtual private network.

Why You Need A VPN

The hackers get user credentials from various websites using the malware. When you check IP address and keep it protected through a VPN, the hackers are not able to get across to your details. In case you are not secure, you may lose valuable data. In order to remain safe from these threats, you can opt for a recognized VPN provider. Check IP address from Le VPN’s list. Change it as per your needs and enjoy safe browsing.

VPN Router For Security Of Connected Devices

Opt for Le VPN on router and give VPN security to all the smart devices in your home. Most of the malware comes disguised as gaming apps and steal information from the devices. When you integrate a VPN on your platform, it keeps your data safe from these threats. Le VPN also keeps all connected devices safe from online threats, whether you are using them in your home or office. Most of the time, people use public Wi-Fi to connect their smartphones while they browse the internet. With Le VPN, your mobile is also safe.

Check IP Address And Replace It With Le VPN’s

Once a hacker knows your IP, they will try to infiltrate your system by trying the right combination of user ID and password. Once they check IP address correctly, it becomes less tough for them to reach your data. In order to stay away from such hacking threats, you can anonymously browse the internet with Le VPN. You can check IP address and pick any of 120+ Le VPN’s IP addresses. E.g., If you do not want other to check IP that you are using, then use Le VPN. You can use Le VPN’s US IP address, even if you are in the UK.

Anonymous Internet Browsing

This way you can stay anonymous while browsing the internet. That means no one can check IP address that you are using. Your IP address will remain untraceable when you switch to Le VPN network. Le VPN is compatible with almost all the operating systems, be it Android or iOS. Depending on the need, you can even opt for VPN mac or Windows app from Le VPN. With the secure browsing mechanism available through VPN, the users can easily remain safe from the threats from malware.  



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