Google Finds Vulnerability Which Could Affect Your Data

Google Finds Vulnerability Which Could Affect Your Data

In an announcement on their security blog, Google finds vulnerability which could affect your data. The problem can be found in SSL 3.0, primarily used for encryption and the security of data online. But before mass panic breaks out, it has to be mentioned that the vulnerability is in code that is 15 years old, so the likelihood of a site that still uses it is quite remote. But still, the problem could be that some websites use old versions as a backup, if the current system fails, that is what they fall back on. If that was the case, hackers or those attempting to access people’s personal data, could trick the website into falling back onto this old code and use this vulnerability.

Google have included steps on their blog to take in order to keep this vulnerability becoming a serious problem, as to stop systems falling back to the earlier version. But the real problem is the fact that it can potentially affect an untold number of websites, applying that fix to the entire world can be a bit tricky. Google have named this vulnerability Poodle, and hopefully the exploitation will not pose a serious problem.

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