Google Chrome to Get Ad Blocker By 2018

Google Chrome to Get Ad Blocker By 2018

It is always suggested to block ads if you want to stay safe online. Recently, there have been multiple online scams that affected millions of PCs. Hence, some experts advise to add an ad blocker as one way to enhance online safety.

What Is an Ad Blocker?

It is a software designed to stop advertisements from appearing on a webpage, website, or a mobile app. It’s a content filtering software. The ad blockers are easily available in the market or you can download it online.

Many users are already making use of various tools to block these advertisements all together. The search engine giant Google aims to make use of better advertisement practice. They want only standard advertisements. Google’s main aim is to encourage advertisements that are good. The ad blocker is also a step that they have taken to encourage good advertisements.

Google’s Ad Blocker

Ad blockers are common and expect the same for your favourite browser, Google Chrome. Google made an announcement recently that its Chrome will soon have an ad blocker. This is scheduled to happen by the year 2018.

There is a buzz for some time now that Google will come up with its own blocker. The company is taking this step to curb the menace of unwanted and irritating advertisements on all the websites. Google understands that these advertisements are a source of funds for the online contents, but at the same time they can be a source of irritation.

Google To Follow The “Better Ads Standards”

The company aims to follow the “Better ads standards”. According to this, bad ads for desktops and mobiles are those which have the irritating countdowns, auto-playing video ads with sounds, etc. Such ads do not allow you to view the main web page and neither can you skip them easily. In case of mobiles, ads which have very high density or those which are flashy and cover almost full screen are also considered as bad ads.

Google’s Take

The blocker for ads by Google will work for desktops and mobiles. The tool will help in filtering out all those ads that give the user a negative experience. For this reason, Google is giving sufficient time to the ad publishers to better their ads and to comply with the “Better ads standards”. Furthermore, Google has also given reports which the website owners can check to understand if their ads violate the Google standards for good ads. Google has also come up with a tool Funding Choices which lets the user bypass the blocker and access all ads by making a payment.

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VPN And Ad Blocker

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