FCC Set To Vote on Net Neutrality

FCC Set To Vote on Net Neutrality

The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) is finally looking like it will pass the laws that will see a stricter hold on broadband internet, ensuring no company or organisation will have an advantage over another when it comes to internet traffic or attempting to control the flow of data and information. This includes controversial plans to introduce different ‘tier’ systems in internet providing, meaning customers will have to pay more to have an unrestricted internet service. This of course effectively prices out and isolates those who cannot afford access to the internet. As FCC set to vote on net neutrality, we look at what this law means.

Comcast has been a company that has received plenty of criticism over their intentional slowing of peer-to-peer communications and further discrimination of internet use. Thousands of activists and websites, including Reddit and Netflix, have all joined their voice in dismay over politician’s and cable company’s attempts to prevent net neutrality. The general consensus, a notion agreed upon by President Obama, is that the internet should be left open, equal and accessible to everyone.

The FCC will then have the power to ban any internet providers who impose paid prioritisation of internet traffic or slowed traffic for competitors. Another part of the landmark law will also prevent private organisations and companies from pushing out local governments and groups who try to establish their own internet providers for communities. This of course, has been hotly contested by established private cable firms including Verizon, AT&T and Comcast.

Of those who oppose the idea of net neutrality is of course the established cable companies themselves, who have long wanted to enforce significant control over their customers in ways of discriminating access speeds as well as preventing customers from using file-sharing programs. Worryingly, these internet providers are not alone in their fight against net neutrality, but for a large portion of politicians who have simply used it as a tool against Obama.

Luckily, common sense prevailed and this landmark ruling will preserve the integrity of the internet, as well as its freedom, for a little longer. If you are living somewhere that have strict rules and limitations on your internet service, then sign up to Le VPN and use its new HybridVPN service to bypass regional restrictions and to circumvent censorship.



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