Facebook Users Warned Over New Privacy Concerns

Facebook Users Warned Over New Privacy Concerns

In a way to combat its closest rivals Twitter, Facebook have announced drastic changes to its search feature to not only include names, groups and pages, but to search all public posts as well. This of course includes every single post anyone has ever posted in the 10 years Facebook has been in existence. Even if those were private posts, there may be millions of posts that were made without the tighter security features Facebook has now. Facebook users warned over new privacy concerns as the social media giants announced the decision as a means to keep up with Twitter and their much more advanced search engine that easily finds current and trending topics.

Twitter have long ruled the current and trending stories, much quicker and accessible than Facebook, as their entire social media platform is built on a broader audience and chronological way of organising posts. This makes Twitter a valuable tool in up to the minute breaking news, before a news outlet even has a chance of publishing a story. With the use of hashtags it has meant that Twitter have always led the line in reporting live events, whether they are sports, entertainment or current event announcements, Twitter has always been a good few steps ahead of Facebook.

Facebook is combatting this by incorporating more than two trillion older posts into search engines. By adding this, it will allow more users the opportunity to engage in conversation much easier than before. Twitter has always had the hashtag method in complete strangers being able to converse about a certain topic, whereas Facebook relies on individual posts for people to comment on. But the flip side to this is that user’s privacy is coming under fire, as everyone’s posts, dating back many years, can be pulled up by a simple search.

The only way to protect your privacy if this concerns you, is to check your privacy settings and making sure only friends can see your posts. Aside from that, being more mindful of what you post is always recommended. If online privacy is a major concern, then there are further steps to take. By signing up to Le VPN you can add a extra level of security and peace of mind whenever you use the internet. Securing your internet connection is easy, meaning you can easily protect yourself no matter where you are, on whatever device you use. By connecting to a Le VPN server you will be bypassing the risk of anyone potentially snooping on your activity. Sign up to Le VPN and see the numerous benefits of a VPN and enjoy the true freedom of the internet!



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