Where is Facebook and Twitter Blocked? How to Unblock Twitter and Other Social Media

Where is Facebook and Twitter Blocked? How to Unblock Twitter and Other Social Media

With internet access available in most of the world, everyone is connected more than ever, but that isn’t entirely true. In some countries and regions, access to social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, etc… is blocked and restricted. So where are Facebook and Twitter Blocked? And how to unblock Twitter in China, how to unblock Facebook in Saudi Arabia or how to unblock social media platforms in any other country, as it could be you who is affected.

Countries like Turkey and China have heavily censored Internet thus preventing its citizens from accessing certain contents that the government deem inappropriate or dangerous. This list extends to Iran, Pakistan, North Korea and Vietnam who all restrict certain sites. Many wonder “Is Facebook blocked in China?” and of course the answer is “Yes!”. China has blocked all social media: Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, and has done so since 2009 when riots broke out Xinjiang. Peaceful protests started by Uighurs, China’s Muslim minority, which turned into violent riots caused the government to clamp down fully.

In Turkey, Internet services that were detected as effectively blocked or censored, during governments’ blackouts. Indeed, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Instagram (blocked by Superonline ISP only) are blocked by the state due to some political issues.

Both the services’ websites and mobile applications were unusable during the regular blackouts, and network forensics indicate that network connections were throttled (slowed down, to the point of being unusable) by ISPs.

The social media block that happened last summer or instance was effective on Turkey’s main landline ISPs, i.e.  TTNet, Uyudet and Superonline and was also in effect with mobile carriers including Turkcell, Vodafone and Avea. In fact, no broadcast ban was known to be in effect. Unlike previous shutdowns, there was no clear connection to a specific attack or terror incident.

Iran and North Korea are the other countries that heavily restrict what their citizens can access on the internet, with North Korea quite clearly the toughest on censorship as it has outright banned the use of the internet, well, as the rest of the world know it anyway. Citizens can only access pre-approved government ‘sites’ and even the university Pyongyang has been granted the use of the internet for graduates and professors but many do not use it out of fear.  Pakistan and Vietnam have all restricted internet use, but their blocks only reach as far as Facebook and YouTube.

Some other countries such as Ethiopia also ban some media and social media due to political reasons, saying that it was getting students’ attention away.

When you are travelling and want to stay tune with the news and keep contact with your friends, you might want to find an easy way to easily unblock twitter, unblock Facebook Vietnam, in general to unblock blocked Facebook? And how to unblock games on facebook?

How to unblock Twitter in Vietnam?  How to unblock Facebook in China? How to Unblock Social Media websites in All Restricted Countries?

There is however ways to circumvent these restrictions and enjoy the true freedom of the internet. Want to know how to unblock on Twitter? By signing up to a VPN service you can easily switch your current IP address to that of a different country, effectively accessing the internet as if you were there in person. Le VPN can easily help you bypass all restrictions. Using Le VPN, you can get an IP address from locations around the world to visit all your favorite social media sites and bypass censorship. So if you happen to be living in, or just visiting, a country that restricts its contents, simply choose an IP address of somewhere with no restrictions and you will be accessing the true freedom of the internet.  So you will get Facebook unlocked or Twitter unblocked easily! And it will take you a few seconds only to know how to unblock twitter! So take a few minutes to prepare your trip.

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