Facebook Camera’s New Feature

Facebook Camera’s New Feature

Well, hiding IP address is a significant concern for the people while browsing. It is because they want to maintain the privacy of others whatever they are browsing. Sometimes, it is done to preserve their anonymity. And at the same time, it helps in preventing any essential data from being hacked. One can use a proxy server or a browser such as VPN, as it becomes easy to maintain the anonymity and secrecy. One can easily hide IP address free by using virtual private networks.

Facebook Camera’s New Feature

Facebook is testing an augmented reality camera, which is evolving beyond selfies. The camera is using location markers in the real world. These new camera features are called Ready Player One and Wrinkle In Time films. Facebook users may get a much wider range of AR content through these AR markers. With so many advances in the digital world, it’s important to ensure your online footprints. Hence, you need to stay cautious in the online world. This is because your data is at risk. Therefore, it becomes necessary to use the right VPN. The new Ready Player One effect of the Facebook Camera picks one of the movie’s posters and overlaps a window in the virtual Oasis world.

Hide IP Address Free With VPN

The main job of a proxy browser is to act as a filter to the web. You can maintain the secrecy while browsing the web. Using a proxy browser enables you to maintain the secrecy. Thus, it keeps your browsing history private. However, it is much easier to keep up the privacy by using a VPN too.

Multiple Options To Pick From

In case, you do not wish to opt for the proxy browser; you can always go for the other option, i.e., VPN. For a user, it is easier to operate a VPN. All you need to do is to update the IP address provided by your VPN service provider. Apart from that with a VPN, you not only tend to hide IP address free, you also get many other benefits.  You also get to maintain the privacy, security of data, and able to escape geo-restriction. Additionally, you can bypass geo-restrictions and internet censorship.

Choose The Right Option To Hide IP Address Free

As a user, it sometimes becomes difficult to choose the right option, as VPN and VPS (Virtual Proxy Server) both come with a certain set of pros and cons. However, the user can decide which to use keeping in mind their need and other advantages offered by VPN and VPS. Both are beneficial in terms to hide IP address free.


Undoubtedly, there might be various possibilities with both the options. On the one hand, VPS enables you to keep your identity and system secure. On the other hand, the strong encryption of VPN enables you to have anonymous browsing and make sure you get data security. Therefore, VPN, in this case, comprises upper hand in providing users with utmost data security with its strong encryption. Besides, you do not have to compromise with the speed of the internet when you use a VPN network.

Pick Le VPN

Hence, by now, you must know what is a VPN and what benefits it offers to the customers. As there are many VPN service provider in the market, you can rely on Le VPN to hide IP address free and maintain your anonymity. Le VPN is one of the reliable service providers in the market today.

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