EU Net Neutrality Laws Exposed by Loopholes

EU Net Neutrality Laws Exposed by Loopholes

The Net Neutrality debate still rages on long after it was finally ruled in an EU court, that internet service providers would not discriminate and treat all websites equal when it comes to speeds. This also prevents websites and company paying for preferential treatment for faster internet speeds. But there is more to the legislations, that could potentially undo all the work, as EU Net Neutrality laws exposed by loopholes.

There have been a number of potential changes suggested that will undoubtedly change how net neutrality will work. Some of these suggested changes include a faster and dedicated net speeds for specialised services like driverless cars, remote surgery and even combatting terrorism. But with the enforced legislations in place, these particular services will not be able to function independently if regular user’s are affected.

Practically all companies are in full support of net neutrality, and by keeping the internet open and free, it will not hinder new start up companies. The detrimental effect on new technologies could also be caused by a selective and priority-based internet, if these ISP’s favoured those who pay for faster speeds then it will no doubt damage not only tech companies but also consumers. These exceptions, that certain companies and services ‘require’ special access could potentially derail all net neutrality have fought for. Until these loopholes are closed, then the internet still is not completely free and net neutral.

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