The End of Passwords?

The End of Passwords?

Passwords have always been a pain for anyone using computers and the internet, trying to remember a complicated series of words and numbers just to save your privacy. When you forget a password, which happens a lot, can be a pain to recover it. Having to send an email reminder or perhaps a security question, which no doubt you’ve forgotten as well, is still tiresome and an inconvenience. But if we didn’t have passwords, our accounts and privacy online would be jeopardised. The problem lies in the difficulty level of passwords; if they’re complicated they’re harder to remember, if they’re simple then they are also simple to crack. With technology improving as fast as it is, there must be an alternative to protecting our data. So would new technology be the end of passwords?

Fingerprint scanners are not necessarily a new technology, they’ve existed in science fiction for many years and for a while, they featured on laptops as an extra means of security. But of course the implication of fingerprint scanners require extra hardware needed, and also unless its built in to the device, would be cumbersome to carry around with you. Apple introduced Touch ID with the iPhone 5S and subsequent models as an extra means to protect your phone. But the problem with fingerprint scanners is the vulnerabilities associated with the technology, as its been reported that its been possible to lift a fingerprint off a surface and project the print onto glass and accessing the device.

Wearable technology has really come along huge strides in the past year or so, with the transition from fitness bands and tracking chips in footwear. But now it seems, wearable technology will also help with security. The idea is to wear your password on your person, so wherever you go, you can take your privacy and security with you. With such a strong security feature, it should prove impossible for anyone other than you to access your data. But the issue with this technology is the inconvenience of having to wear such a device all the time, plus if you lose it or take it off, someone else can very easily use it to login and access all your accounts.

Other ideas that could well be the future of security, include iris scanners and facial recognition. But as with fingerprint recognition, these technologies are in theory good ideas, but the practical application is cumbersome, especially if for mobile devices. But as more and more issues arise with security and passwords not protecting users enough, the search for more secure methods will be explored. As for the end of passwords? It can only be a matter of time that something more secure and more practical will come along.

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