Don’t Wait to Watch Game of Thrones With Le VPN

Don’t Wait to Watch Game of Thrones With Le VPN

With the ever growing popularity of HBO’s Game of Thrones, it is fast becoming impossible to avoid spoilers if you haven’t been able to watch the latest episode. As soon as an episode airs in the US, there are thousands of people who post online in reaction, including the inevitable spoiler. So to make sure you don’t have your enjoyment spoiled, don’t wait to watch Game of Thrones with Le VPN.

If you live anywhere outside the US, you may have to wait at least a day for it to air locally. By the time it airs in your own country, the show could have already been ruined. But if you have a subscription to HBO Go, the on-demand service from HBO, it will enable you to catch up on your favourite shows wherever you are. As long as you are within the United States of America that is. But what if you are travelling outside the US but still have a subscription? Then by using Le VPN service you can simply change your IP address and location to within the US and still catch up with Game of Thrones and all your favourite shows you’ve missed.

Having to wait to watch an episode after it has already been released is not only difficult for the impatient, it can have plot-spoiling consequences due to the social media buzz a show like Game of Thrones can produce. Trying to avoid the huge plot twist is hard enough in everyday life, but as soon as you go on the internet, it is everywhere. It won’t take long before someone on your news feed drops a huge spoiler. With Le VPN you can watch the latest Game of Thrones as it airs in the US on Sunday evenings anywhere in the world, completely avoiding any spoilers.

With Season 6 of Game of Thrones now past the halfway mark, the show will inevitably grow in shocks and no doubt deaths, so now is more important than ever to make sure you don’t see a reveal before you watch it. With Le VPN, you can easily switch your IP address to anywhere in the world and watch Game of Thrones as it airs in the USA. Le VPN can also safeguard your online activity, to ensure you stay safe no matter where you are in the world.

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