It’s Raining Danger- Umbrella Can protect You Alongside A VPN!

It’s Raining Danger- Umbrella Can protect You Alongside A VPN!


Umbrella is a new piece of security software aimed at corporate buyers. It is a big concern for businesses that their employees work on company networks whilst away from the office and outside of normal working hours. It is a concern on two levels. Firstly, because doing this opens up chinks in company data protection armour, anybody could be peeking in and even hacking in, to corporate data. Mobile workers in unencrypted free WiFi zones are a genuine weak spot in company data protection. And secondly, because technology abuse during working hours is bad for productivity. Employees aren’t working when they are playing games or chatting on Facebook.

Umbrella allows an authorised administrator, back at base, to control the internet browsing of employees depending upon where they are located and when they are browsing. The control software is itself lodged on the Web. So for example, ‘big brother’ can choose to let an individual to get on to Facebook only outside of working hours. Or for security purposes, Umbrella can prevent access to internet sites that are known sources of ‘malware’ or ‘botnets’. It can save your data easily if you care for everything that is on your devices and for yourself.

OpenDNS is the company that has developed Umbrella. They are a firm with expertise in secure Domain Name System lookups. The new software comes with 57 filtering portals that work like nightclub doormen; letting in the good guys but turning away the usual suspects. ‘Virtual Private Networks’ or VPNs encrypt an employee’s internet traffic, so that any unauthorized traffic would only get to see gobbledygook.




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