Cyberthreats trends in 2013

Cyberthreats trends in 2013


According to McAfee company recent Threat Predictions report, cybercrime will still be growing in 2013, trends up. “Cybercriminals and hacktivists will strengthen and evolve the techniques and tools they use to assault our privacy, bank accounts, mobile devices, businesses, organizations and homes,” said Vincent Weafer, senior vice president of McAfee Labs. Indeed the report commented on a few trends for 2013:

The number of mobile threats will increase dramatically according to the rends as ransomware expanded into mobile devices. Attackers target to hijack the users’ ability to access data, making victims to be bound to either losing their data or paying a ransom in the hope of regaining access to them. Attackers will also create mobile worms with extreme capabilities to steal money via the “bump and infect” method, most commonly used in areas with dense populations like airports and malls.

Cybercriminals are known for choosing public forums to make business deals with other criminals concerning software and services, this is what the trends show. The number of invitation-only criminal forums requiring registration fees is increasing to make forums more secure and anonymous. Such offers will thus even be easier to find on the Internet in 2013.

Many websites, even established and secured ones, have received strong and repeated attacks, which shows that cybercriminals want to create as much damage as possible. Such behaviour is expected to boom in 2013. If cybercriminals manage to launch destructive malware on a bigger number of computers or mobile phones, then the result can be devastating.

To avoid being the next victim of such raising cybercrime threats, start investigating about a VPN. When you use a VPN service, your IP address is hidden and cannot be identified. When accessing to the web and surfing on websites which are not secure, through the VPN, you will get strong encryption that will not even allow your ISP to know what sites you have visited.

Thus, access to your online banking, your transactions and your simple online purchases are secure as online hackers cannot access to your IP address. They will not be able to trace anything and you can just surf via a virtual IP address with the location you want among the 12 countries offered by Le VPN. Your Internet connection is secure no matter whether you connect from a café or while traveling. A special VPN service also enables you to protect your connections from your smartphone.



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