Cyber Security Experts Charge Top Companies £10,000 a Day

Cyber Security Experts Charge Top Companies £10,000 a Day

In the wake of yet another cyber attack on customer details, this time with UK pub chain Wetherspoons, it has been revealed that cyber security experts are charging an ever soaring rate for companies to protect themselves and their customer’s data. In the past year, there has been more high profile hacks and cyber attacks than ever before, with the number only set to rise. Cyber security experts charge top companies £10,000 a day in order to safeguard them against the never ending hacks on their systems.

With so much data stored online, and with many companies failing to meet the recommended security levels required to store and protect that data, hackers have found a popular, and relatively easy target. Cyber attacks are said to cost the global economy up to £380billion a year, so why are companies so relaxed on their security levels? The answer might have finally been answered in a survey conducted by recruiter Manpower, which details the incredible fees charged by security experts in safeguarding the information. With charges up to £10,000 a day for some top companies, theres little wonder why so few companies can afford to protect their customer’s data.

With the market shifting towards stronger and more sophisticated protection to match the ever evolving world of cyber crime, the demand for security is growing. Even lesser skilled and experienced cyber security experts are charging more than £3000 a day for their consultations and services, essentially pricing out many smaller companies. As hacks continue to rise, and the level of sophistication rising even faster, companies will have to start weighing up the cost against the untold damages caused by a cyber attack that was unprotected.

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