Cyber Security Awareness Month – Week 1

Cyber Security Awareness Month – Week 1

The world has now become a global village. There are no more geographical barriers in the virtual world. And you are always in touch with the world through the internet. However, there are two sides to every coin. You must understand the many perils of sharing personal and private information online. There are cyber criminals and cyber bullies forever on the prowl, just waiting for you to slip. Keeping this in mind, the cyber security awareness month is observed every October.

What Is Cyber Security Awareness Month? And Why Is It Important?

October has been declared as the National Cyber Security Awareness Month or NCSAM. As the very name suggests, this month aims to spread awareness about the various cyber security threats. People around the world get guidance on what measures can help them ensure the maximum security while online.

It is a fact that the internet certainly forms an integral part of our life. There is no denying that. However, that is all the more why you need to be extra cautious while browsing the internet. During the Cyber Security Awareness Month (CSAM), various events and also initiatives will take place. These events are in accordance with the public and private sector to spread awareness about cyber security and why it is important. Also, resources and tools those are absolutely essential when it comes to maintaining security online.

CSAM – Week 1

There are essentially three tricks which can help you stay safe online. Stop, and see if all the security measures are working properly. Next, Think. Think about what your actions might lead to or what trouble it might have in store for you. Finally, you can Connect to the internet and enjoy. So, for the 1st week of October (2nd to 6th), the aim would be to detect, prevent and find solutions to top cyber security concerns customers face.

Cyber Security And A VPN

One of the key components or tools to ensure cyber security is the usage of virtual private networks or a VPN. Basically, a VPN is one that routes off your internet services to another network. That way, your geographical location no longer matters. For instance, some countries do not allow access to website like Netflix USA. It isn’t fair that you miss out on some of your favorite TV shows until and unless you’re in the States. This is where a VPN comes in handy.

How VPN Hides Your Identity

A VPN would mask your actual location and would route off your services to a location where such websites are accessible. That is why people all over the world are resorting to virtual private networks in order to access their favorite sites. Also, as far as cyber security awareness is a concern, this is your safest option. A VPN encrypts all the data that passes through it. So that minimizes the chances of a leak. That way, you can rest assured, irrespective of the kind of data you are transmitting through the net; it will not land up in the wrong hands.

Excellent Opportunity To Ensure Cyber Security

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