Canadian Government Targeting VPN Usage

Canadian Government Targeting VPN Usage

With the battle against online piracy ever raging on, VPNs have always been caught in the crossfire of the argument. With the majority of users of VPNs use them as a means of tightening security, but the argument against them is that pirates use them to hide their identity. In new government documents from the Canadian government, it is clear that online piracy and VPNs in particular, are on the agenda. With Canadian government targeting VPN usage, what does this mean for VPN users?

The newly elected Canadian government plan to combat online piracy, with VPN pirates and website blocking as the major points of topic. Those who who a VPN to disguise their presence online whilst committing illegal activities have long drawn attention but any actions taken agains the technology itself has always been met with fierce resistance. Another aspect which has been focussed on has been the way VPNs can be used to bypass website restrictions and unblock content. With many TV and film streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and BBC iPlayer, all have restrictions in place that prevent certain content from being accessed from outside certain countries. A VPN can bypass this and access the content as if you were still in the country.

But the problem isn’t with the users that bypass the restrictions, but with the industry itself who still impose regional restrictions in a much more connected and interchanging world. With licensing issues and contracts, essentially wanting to make as much money as possible with each region, this will always push people into finding alternative ways to watch content that has no physical limitation preventing them from viewing it. It is not known what the Canadian government will do in long run when it comes to VPNs, but their stance on VPN users who use a VPN to access the American version of Netflix is well known. If they do go down the route of attempting to ban VPNs then it might just be their most controversial move yet.

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