Canadian Government Targeting VPN Usage

Canadian Government Targeting VPN Usage

Looking for an anonymous VPN? Are cyber security and internet freedom some of your concerns?

In Canada, the government had planned to block VPNs as citizens used to use VPNs to watch among other international programs and online streaming videos.

So just after being elected, the Canadian government announced that it wanted to strengthen sanctions on those who would bypass the geographical blockage by directly prohibiting VPNs.

And some ISPs were also for the VPN ban. Companies such as Rogers or Bell Media did want a VPN ban at the national level.  This is indeed a way to restrict Internet access and content.

Canada is very active on such laws and a VPN is the only protection against this type of censorship. On the pretext of copyright loss, Canada was willing to prohibit VPN for all types of use but finally did not do it.

With the battle against online piracy ever raging on, VPNs were also caught in the crossfire of the argument. While the majority of users of VPNs use them as a means of tightening security, the argument against them is that pirates use them to hide their identity.

Besides, we have to mention that Canada has a strong tradition of free press, but this did not stop the Canadian police from spying on journalists.

In the Canadian constitution, Section 2b of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, it is explicitly set: “freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication.”

Edward Snowden famous NSA whistleblower has repeatedly put an alert on Western governments using some electronic tools to spy on their citizens – including journalists – and not terrorists or foreign spies.

Snowden even put a specific warning as several journalists in Quebec have been spied upon by the police, possibly at the behest of powerful provincial figures.

And yet, late October, the Montreal police admitted that they had, for months, snooped on Patrick Lagace, one of La Presse journalists, in an attempt to reveal sources who were leaking unflattering information to him about the police.

This indeed became a big scandal and the Quebec government has thus requested a public inquiry to check on the police forces’ subterfuge, warning that there will be sanctions.

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