Can Facebook really know about your future life?

Can Facebook really know about your future life?

You get so many quizz requests that sometimes it can be a bit annoying. And often, to take one of these crazy quizzes, users must allow the quiz makers to access to all their Facebook data.

Of course, Facebook thus requests for all your details or else, the quiz will not work.  And besides, Facebook quizzes will also ask to all the information on your friends’ profiles too. So if one of your friends takes a quiz, they could also have to give away your personal data on top of your own.

Most people have their Facebook profiles set to private believing this will protect their data. What is worrisome is that privacy settings don’t do what you think they are expected to do.

But believe it or not, even if your Facebook is private, a quiz developer will then access to everything from your profile: your religion, political affiliation, pictures, your list of friends, and also any group you belong to.

Do you know about Facebook profiling? With all the information thus collected and framed about you, then Facebook will sell your profile to advertisers. And make good money out of it.

But indeed, Facebook terms and conditions state that when you install an app, you may give it permission to: “…access your public profile, which includes your name, profile pictures, username, user ID (account number), networks and any info you choose to make publicly available. You also give the app other info to personalize your experience, including your friends list, gender, age range….”

This creates a huge gap about privacy: your friends can agree to share your information without your knowledge or consent.

The number of Facebook quiz apps out there is massive and in this festive season, developers have a lot of creativity.

Don’t get fool: such apps are not “collecting data to make better quizzes.”

What is even worse, every time someone installs a Facebook app, it will continue to run in the background, devouring any new information it can get. The app will then collect data long after a user has forgotten the quiz they took about some the best match with your potential spouse or husband.

This example shows that Facebook quizzes create a huge privacy problem: people’s attitudes to privacy and internet security are quite inconsistent.

Many people do not mind that Facebook, Apple, and Google are collecting every part and parcel of their life.

So wake up and be consistent about all privacy aspects when you are online: it is not just your data you might give away the next time you want to know what your real age is…

Protect your privacy: regularly delete your cookies. And above all, use a VPN to hide your identity and to surf anonymously.

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