You can correct almost everything you say on Facebook

You can correct almost everything you say on Facebook

A spelling error, an ambiguous word, a youthful indiscretion or a crazy night … On Facebook, it’s easy to post messages that are not always consistent  and may eventually turn against you .

And the only remedy so far, was to remove everything when finally realizing about the mistake.

A solution to this problem finally emerged in 2012, which is eight years after the creation of the platform through the introduction of the “Edit” button, which allows you to edit our own comments function. But this was not true for all publications, only for comments.

It was not until late September 2013 that Facebook announced a full solution, since now status can also be edited by users.

However, previous versions of the statutes have been changed will remain accessible, Facebook said the Los Angeles Times. This applies to the web and to the Android version for smartphones. Users of Apple’s iOS will still have to wait …

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