Bug Exposes Twitter Passwords In Plain Text

Bug Exposes Twitter Passwords In Plain Text

When we use social media websites like Twitter, the main concern is online security. Everyone wants to make sure that their passwords and other details do not fall into the wrong hands. The social media platforms also take necessary measures. However, you can’t predict what happens in the cyber world. Therefore, more and more people are now opting for a VPN to stay safe. Hence, it is better to know how to use a VPN and its benefits.

The Twitter Software Glitch

Twitter uses bcrypt function to hash user passwords. In this, the actual password is replaced with a set of numbers and letters. Bcrypt ensures that Twitter team can check the subscriber credentials without even their employees accessing the user passwords.

But, somehow, the bug has exposed a major flaw. Here, the user password is getting stored in readable text on their internal computer systems. Twitter has officially announced that they have resolved the issue and taken the necessary measures. But still, you never know. To be on a safer side, Twitter has also asked its users to change their password. Therefore, it is better to always ensure security at a personal end. Learn how to use a VPN and make sure your data is safe.

For Better Security Learn How To Use A VPN

Subscribe to a reliable VPN service which will make sure that you are secure in the online world. A VPN offers encryption to your internet connection. I.e., your data traveling through the connection is kept secret. Your internet browsing footprints and communication is hidden, and no one can see what is happening through your system. You can browse anonymously, and your identity is safe when you are using the internet. Your personal information is secure from the hackers and fraudsters. But you have to pick a VPN provider carefully. Don’t fall prey to free VPN service providers. Opt for Le VPN, one of the trusted names in the VPN market.

Le VPN’s Great Network

Le VPN has VPN servers in 100+ locations across the globe. You can browse the web peacefully from any part of the world. Suppose you are in France, then, you can subscribe to their VPN France services. With Le VPN France you can watch French TV even when you are traveling outside of France. Similarly, if you want to watch British channels which are inaccessible in France. Simply use Le VPN’s UK VPN IP. This way, Le VPN helps you overcome geo-restrictions.

Additionally, Le VPN subscribers have a liberty to choose from different security protocols – OpenVPN, PPTP, and L2TP over IPSec. With these protocols, a user can customize their experience depending on their safety and performance requirements.

Remember, if you want your data to remain safe and your online identity to be protected, opt for Le VPN services today. Just pay $69.60 for Le VPN’s 2-year plan.



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