Big brother is watching you

Big brother is watching you

 The Internet is a spying world and you can be sure that Big bother is watching you. We are being tracked all the time, from all the different websites we use on a daily basis. Google, facebook and other social media do track all our movements and habits on their pages. The Apple companies also tracks and stores our usage of our iPhone and iPad. By using a tool called collusion, a reporter managed to track who was tracking him and realize that on a 36-hour time frame, 105 companies had tracked his Internet use.

You have probably heard about the Big data and Big brother, which refers to the increasing trend of marketing companies tracking our data and matching our Internet activity with other data about us. Those companies do make quite some money out of it. When you consider how much time you spend on the Internet, through your computer and smartphone, it might be your whole life being tracked, compiled and compared from all these sources.

This is like a big brother watching on you, all the time.

To limit this stealing of your privacy and Big brother spying, there are a few measures to take: you can limit what your search on Google from your iPhone and use instead computer web browsers that still enables you to delete cookies. You can also use an alias on Facebook. But the best approach remains to invest in a VPN service.

Le VPN (Virtual Private Network) allows to establish secure Internet connection for anonymous internet browsing and unrestricted web surfing. This will change and hide your IP address: you will bypass proxy and surf on the Internet anonymously in just 1 click.

Le VPN solutions enable you to protect all your Internet connexions, whether you surf from your computer, smartphone or tablet and from any place you need to connect.

Just select a VPN server in one of 12 countries and protect all your internet activities with a secure virtual VPN tunnel with a military-strong encryption. The VPN installation is simple and just takes 2 minutes. Buy a global VPN plan for your PC, smartphone or tablet or test our VPN access with our VPN Free Trial.



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