Attacks on smartphones have increased by 614%

Attacks on smartphones have increased by 614%

Attacks on smartphones

According to the U.S. firm Juniper, malware targeting Internet phones have experienced a phenomenal increase, the attacks on smartphones have increased by 614% between March 2012 and March 2013.

According to the same study developed by Juniper, a company based in the Californian Silicon Valley published on June 26th, Google Android operating system could be quite vulnerable, representing 92% of the attacks on smartphones. The Android operating system is actually used by 75% of mobile users. Karim Toubba from Juniper believes, however, that this also shows that “Android does not have a security system filters which is rigorous enough,” although it notes that “all operating systems have vulnerabilities.”

Hackers would then target mobile phones with attacks ranging from simple commercial scam to industrial espionage.

The main type of attacks on smartphones is represented by commercial messages offering a fake service for a fee of a few cents for example. Therefore, users would be hardly aware of such attacks. These hackers “can leave no trace,” says Mr Toubba: they reap money in a few days and then close the numbers used for this scam. So be careful if you receive one of these emails or SMS offering a program or an application update.

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Be careful when you surf on the Internet and do not forget to protect your traffic.



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