Apple Sells 77.3 Million iPhones In Q1/2018

Apple Sells 77.3 Million iPhones In Q1/2018

Apple is a brand. And at some point, Apple handset was a craze among people. However, this is not a very hot year regarding Apple sales. Apple iPhones have recently witnessed a drop in their products sale in Q1 2018. This could be due to some factors, including mobile security. Apart from that, an interesting fact is that even though the sales have dropped, Apple has seen an increase in the revenue by significant figures, 12.63% to be exact. The spokesperson of Apple says it was never about the sales; it was always about customer satisfaction. There was a decrease in sales of iPhones, MacBooks and Apple TV altogether.

A VPN For Mobile Security

For mobile security, one solution is a Virtual Private Network or VPN. Le VPN is the most reliable VPN provider to ensure mobile security. Additionally, Le VPN has mobile apps for Android, Windows, as well as iPhone. Read on to know why and how a VPN is helpful.

What Is A VPN?

Virtual Private Network is abbreviated as VPN. A VPN offers an encrypted channel, through which your data will travel securely between two destinations. Initially, a VPN was popular for commercial and office use. However, a VPN’s demand is growing with the increasing mobile security and online scams. If you want to secure all the IoT devices, VPN router is the best choice. This includes mobile security too.

Le VPN offers security to Apple TV, iPhone, Mac, Android and Windows phone as well. Here, we will discuss setting up a VPN on Apple TV.

VPN Apple TV

Setting up Le VPN for Apple TV can be done through the following ways:

  • Via a laptop connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot and running a VPN
  • A wireless router running a VPN
  • Your laptop or PC connected to an Ethernet with VPN connection

The easiest and the most user-friendly method is connecting via a laptop that has a Wi-Fi hotspot along with a VPN connection. Following are the detailed steps for the same:

  • Download VPN software on the laptop.
  • Start running the software by entering the right username and password
  • Once connected, the laptop will serve as the Wi-Fi hotspot
  • Connect with your Apple TV, and you are good to go!

For any of the methods, there should be an active VPN connection, but the method of connection is different for Microsoft and iOS:

– It can be done in “network and sharing center” of “control panel” and change the adapter settings to “allow other network users to connect” to configure the connection in windows OS.

– On the other hand, Mac users can do it in “sharing options” in “system preferences,” enable the tab “Airport,” and then enable Ethernet so that you can enjoy unlimited online streaming on your Apple TV.

Le VPN is the most reliable VPN connection for Apple TV. It allows you to stream videos from anywhere in this world at a great speed!



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