Apple Reveal Over 1000 User Requests From US Government

Apple Reveal Over 1000 User Requests From US Government

According to figures released by Apple, the government asked to receive more information in the second half of 2015 than the first. As Apple reveal over 1000 user requests from US government, the figures shot up from previous years. The requests contained information from iMessages, emails, photos, device backups and other forms of information. This type of transparency is common place in the post-Snowden era, where information is shared a lot more frequently with complete transparency over why they are conducted.

Most companies now, especially those as big as Apple, release these kinds of reports every six months, including the likes of Facebook, Google, Twitter, Yahoo and many others. With the recent battle between privacy and security involving the FBI and Apple, these kinds of stats are more interesting to examine. With the request of access to the San Bernardino shooter Syed Farook’s iPhone taking major headlines across the world, law enforcement agency’s attempts to access Apple records include far more information beyond the standard records telecoms companies can retrieve.

Information on an iPhone, or similar mobile device, is far more useful to law enforcement agencies as it contains information from emails, iMessages and any other data stored using the iCloud service. Apple have announced that they have been receiving far more requests than before over user data, with a lot of requests coming from secretive national security agencies who come with gag orders or are classified so Apple can no longer confirm them.

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