Apple Looks To Get Rid Of MacBook Keyboard

Apple Looks To Get Rid Of MacBook Keyboard

Digital Security

Changes in the digital world are common. Take the example of Apple. They are known for taking innovative steps in the digital world. Apple is the first to kill the microphone jack. Now they are all set to get rid of the MacBook keyboard. The company will soon come up with a patented keyboard which will have no space for any gaps. The day is not far when Apple will come up with no physical keys keyboard. After all, they were the first to get rid of physical keys from the mobile phones. The more the technology advancement, so is the concern for digital security.

New technology will bring about further changes. Technological changes and new rules will bring more difficulties in maintaining online privacy and security. For example, the US is setting up the stage to get rid of Net Neutrality. This will put a huge question mark on digital security. The ISP can then sell customer data without taking the approval of the customer.

Who Is My ISP?

ISP is your Internet Service Provider. Once the Net Neutrality rule is scrapped, then it may pose a threat to your digital security. Sometimes your ISP can throttle your connection. The ISP will have more power to control bandwidth crowding and internet traffic. This means that customers with better packages will get better speed as compared to mediocre customers. Especially if you are using websites that are prone to throttling, then you will pay more and get a lower bandwidth. There can also be issues with digital security.

What Is A VPN And How It Can Help You Overcome This Issue?

A virtual private network which is also known as VPN is one of the easiest ways of connecting to a public network securely. Once you use this service, you will get 100% digital security and get rid of throttling. A VPN also helps in making your connection smooth and traffic buffer free. However, for all this, you need to opt for a reliable service provider.

Opt For The Reliable Services Of Le VPN

Some service providers claim to provide the best services and that too at zero cost. But they are not reliable. It is, therefore, better if you opt for one of the competitive packages of Le VPN. This is the best service provider in the market today. Le VPN encrypts your Internet connection with the AES-256 algorithm. It is the most advanced encryption protocols available today. With the AES-256 algorithm, you are secure from online threats like hackers and eavesdroppers.

Le VPN helps you to browse the internet anonymously. With Le VPN, you can keep yourself away from prying eyes. Just replace your IP address with that of Le VPN’s. Le VPN has more than 800 VPN servers in 120+ nations. Therefore, connectivity is not at all an issue.

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