Apple in Trouble Over S3 Error That Permanently Locks iPhone

Apple in Trouble Over S3 Error That Permanently Locks iPhone

A security feature implemented by Apple has inadvertently left hundred of iPhone’s completely useless, after a protection failsafe locks phones after third party repairs. But it seems that lawsuits are cropping up all around the world as Apple in trouble over S3 error that permanently locks iPhone. The mysterious ‘S3’ error started appearing when users took their devices in for repairs at places that do not have an Apple-verified technician. It is not well documented that Apple impose such a security feature, but many in the tech world have discovered it and hoping to warn people in time.

The Touch ID feature of the latest series of iPhones adds an extra level of security to the device, allowing not just a passcode, that could easily be cracked, but a fingerprint scanner as well. This feature was well received when it was announced amongst the growing concern of identity fraud, as well as general security when it comes to portable devices or anything that connects to the internet. Apple actually implemented a seemingly great way in protecting the user, but unfortunately they went about it the wrong way.

By enabling a security feature that if the Touch ID front button was to be removed or replaced, then the phone would become locked and nothing could be done about it. If someone was to steal a user’s iPhone and attempt to access it they wouldn’t because of both the passcode as well as the fingerprint recognition. In all the iPhones that came before the 6, a hard reset could at least wipe the contents thus protecting the user’s data and information. But now, if someone was to tamper with the device and effectively remove the fingerprint scanner, or at least modify it, then they will have access. Apple instead opted to put in a failsafe protection that would lock the phone up entirely.

So even if this feature is a great security aspect, unfortunately not everyone who removes/replaces/repairs the fingerprint scanner on the home button is in fact, a criminal. Apple never previously explained the S3 error, or even warned users not to use a third party repair method, so for those unfortunate users who can’t necessarily find or reach an Apple-approved vendor, they are out of luck. As of yet, there is no fix for the S3 error, but to make sure this doesn’t happen to you, make sure you find an Apple technician.



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