Apple and Obama to Tackle Unsecured Internet

Apple and Obama to Tackle Unsecured Internet

One of the world’s biggest tech companies and the White House have announced plans to increase the number of encrypted connections on the internet. Apple recently announced, at their unveiling of iOS 9, that they will be urging developers to use the “HTTPS” encryption on web pages, as opposed to the more common, and more unsecured “HTTP”. In a bid to make the online world more secure, Apple and Obama to tackle unsecured internet.

The White House also released a statement that every single website associated with the government will be required to only provide their web services through a secure and encrypted encryption. This move comes after years of only ‘secure’ websites needed to have the encryption; online banking and shopping etc. But it has now become just as important to protect personal details including names, addresses and login details. Not just that, but any website that isn’t secured can easily be accessed and tampered with by anyone with the know how.

But even with this new stance being taken by such a big company like Apple, and the US government, there is still a lot to be done about online security. Unfortunately, not all websites will be making the change so it is still important to take all necessary steps when browsing the web. Especially when using a public wifi zone, such as a library or airport, the connection will not be a secure one. By using Le VPN, you will be able to ensure you are always protected, regardless if the actual connection is secure or not. Le VPN allows you to connect to the internet through your own encrypted connection, wherever you are.



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