Amazon Reverses Decision to Remove Encryption

Amazon Reverses Decision to Remove Encryption

In a move that many agree should never have happened in the first place, Amazon reverses decision to remove encryption from their Fire tablets. When it was announced that Amazon were going to disable default encryption on their latest operating system update, it was met with outrage from security experts to the casual user of the tablets. By removing such an important feature meant that sensitive information stored on the devices, including financial data, personal messages and other such data that could be easily hacked and stolen.

By disabling this security feature, it left many vulnerable who wouldn’t necessarily know how to turn the feature back on. This is something that is incredibly important when it comes to the casual user on devices used by children through to the elderly, security needs to be transparent and discreet, yet still protecting them. Amazon announced the reason behind their decision was that few people actually used the feature of full disk encryption.

This of course does not mirror Amazon’s support of Apple’s stance on security and safeguarding people’s data, which due to the widespread news of the battle between the FBI and Apple over encryption has turned the spotlight onto Amazon and through public pressure the decision was reversed swiftly. It couldn’t have come at a worse time from Amazon’s standpoint, with so much attention on encryption, security and people’s online privacy, deciding to remove a key security feature like this does not bode well.

Online security is becoming more and more important these days, as so many people are online now which means more data and personal information is transferred and stored online. But the problem is that not many people are truly aware of the dangers online, with kids and adults using social media such as Facebook, there has never been more information online about people before, this leads to potential identity thefts and other types of stealing.

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