Under 16? You Can’t Use WhatsApp in Europe

Under 16? You Can’t Use WhatsApp in Europe

Social media and chatting websites are popular among teenagers. Whether it is WhatsApp or Facebook, you will find a large number of teen users. You tend to share a lot of personal information, photographs, as well as location details on such websites. Hence, you are vulnerable to instances like data theft and misuse of personal information. For better privacy, it is always better to opt for a private VPN.

WhatsApp To Impose New Age Restrictions In European Regions

To abide by the new European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) law, WhatsApp is changing the age limit of its users. The age policy of WhatsApp states that the user needs to be 13 years or above to use their services. However, in the European regions, this age limit is now 16 years. How they will monitor the same is not yet known. As far as Facebook is concerned, they are not going to replicate this policy. If a child below 16 years is using a Facebook, he/she will be asked to nominate a guardian.

Stay Safe And Browse Your Favorite Chat Websites Through Private VPN

It is still not very clear about how the monitoring is going to be done by WhatsApp. Very soon the EU will introduce strict personal data information laws. With the growing data theft and online threats, it is important that teenagers do not make use of a public IP. One must know my private IP, and one must take necessary measures to protect this private IP. The best way to do this is by using the private VPN service.

How Can Private VPN Service Help Teenagers?

When you make use of a VPN connection, your IP address is changed to that of the service provider. Your private IP becomes that of your virtual private network service provider’s. You can make use of the IP changer to change your IP to that of the VPN provider’s IP.

Select The Best Service Provider

To ensure your privacy and security, you must use the best VPN service. The best in this regard is Le VPN. With Le VPN you are sure of 100% online security. You will also be able to browse the internet anonymously. Therefore, it is one of the best ways for teenagers to protect their identity in the online world.

Le VPN acts as your private VPN. All that you need to do is opt for a Le VPN package. You can change your IP address to that of Le VPN. You will get to choose from some different IP addresses of different countries. This way your online identity will remain a secret. You will be secure online, and you will also be able to overcome geo-restrictions. You can unblock Facebook and other social media websites anywhere.

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