YouTube Turns 10 Years Old

YouTube Turns 10 Years Old

Its difficult to imagine a world, or at least the internet, without YouTube. The online video website YouTube turns 10 years old this week, and is one of the most popular websites on the internet, and has been for the majority of its life online. Back in 2005, as big as the internet was, there was nowhere really to showcase videos, whether its music videos, film trailers or funny clips uploaded by anyone. YouTube then came along and changed the internet landscape forever. By giving everyone and anyone the platform for instant fame, it let anyone to upload videos about anything, for free.

The very first video to be uploaded, was back on 23rd April, when the site’s creator uploaded a short video of himself at the zoo, simply titles “Me at the Zoo”. One of the first biggest viral videos of the internet age came in 2004 when Justine Timberlake and Janet Jackson’s halftime performance at the Super Bowl resulted in the infamous wardrobe malfunction. But at the time, before YouTube, there was no widely available platform for the video to become viral. This of course lead to the idea of YouTube.

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