Windows 10 and What You Need to Know

Windows 10 and What You Need to Know

Windows 10 has been announced and some are wondering whatever happened to Windows 9. It was recently announced that Windows wanted to move away from the incremental upgrades for this latest iteration of Microsoft’s operating system, so they decided to simply skip number 9 and go with number 10. There are many changes planned for the new OS, Windows 10 and what you need to know.

The return of the Start bar is confirmed. When Windows 8 was released back in 2012 it was met with confusion and disappointment, the lack of the traditional Start bar didn’t sit too well with many customers. But it is announced that Windows 10 will arrive with the Start bar back in, albeit slightly morphed with the Start screen that was implemented as a more touch-screen friendly replacement. This means that the old, Start menu will be on the left, and the new Windows 8 style icons and apps will be on the right, all fully customisable.

Microsoft have also mentioned that Windows 10 will be a universal operating system for not just desktop and laptop PCs, but for mobile phones tablets as well.

Many users felt disorientated and confused with the interface of Windows 8. Some people found that they were never quite sure on what programs are open. This is all set to change as Microsoft have confirmed that the return to the traditional ‘windows’ layout will make a return to Windows 10, programs will no longer occupy the entire screen, opening like its own app, but instead the windows will be free to move around and re-size again. Taking  leaf out of Apple’s book, Windows 10 will have a ‘Mission Control’ style function, zooming everything out for an easy way to see what is open.

Le VPN on Windows10

Le VPN has been able to get their hands on a preview build and confirms the service works flawlessly with the new OS, but for everyone else, Windows 10 is set for release the middle of next year.



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