Why to avoid Free VPN services and only trust established paid VPN providers?

Why to avoid Free VPN services and only trust established paid VPN providers?

More and more people all over the world now use VPN (virtual private network) for their online security or anonymous Internet navigation, or even to bypass censorship and country firewalls (China, for example). It seems like there is a lot of VPN providers all over the web, and even more of them offer a free VPN, so many people have asked us before – Why use a paid VPNs when I can get free VPNs?

The answer to it is very obvious to those who work in the information security area or know more about VPN and other online security measures, but less obvious to the rest of the public. So we’ll explain it in this article.

The answer to the question “Why use a paid VPN?” goes along with the answer to the questions “Why NOT to use a free VPN?” and “Advantages of Paid VPN vs. Free VPN”. Here are the answers to all of them.

A Free VPN

VPNs are excellent solutions to protecting your business data. However, you always have to remember to read the fine print. Depending on what VPN you eventually use, you may really be giving yourself a false sense of security your VPN does not really provide to you. With a free VPN provider, this is certainly the case, and you have to be aware of many things about free VPN companies.

First, although free always sounds like a good thing, we have to be wary of things that sound too good to be true, like some free VPN providers. If a VPN is offering a service for free, it still has to pay for its service somehow. While you may think you are getting concealment and privacy using a free VPN, you might not realize that the free VPN itself might be quick to keep track of your web traffic and spy on you themselves. So, as with any VPN, you want to make sure you pay attention to the terms and conditions on any VPN website.

Are Free VPNs Safe?

So, the free VPN itself could be logging and keeping track of your content. They might be tracking all sorts of private information, like your IP address, the length of the service you are using, the websites you are exploring, etc. Basically, everything you are trying to protect by using a VPN a free VPN service might actually be monitoring.

There are other things that can hinder your experience when you use a free VPN. Some of these things include extra ads popping up that you may not have otherwise experiences. You may also have a slower bandwidth speed, slowing up your Internet usage. Another problem could be data usage that has a monthly cap, meaning there is no unlimited service. Another issue can be outdated encryption issues with free VPNs, not providing you with adequate protection.

Another thing to remember is that a paid VPN service is not very expensive, and you can avoid a lot of the issues free VPN services will bring to the table by simply finding a good paid for VPN provider and reading the fine print.

5 Reasons Not to Use a Free VPN & the Advantages of Paid VPNs:

1. Paid VPNs like Le VPN guarantee the stability of your connection

If you’ve used free VPN services before, you probably remember that you often loose your connection, have problems with loading data or your VPN disconnecting without any reason. Free VPN providers often experience many technical issues with connection, because of inability to manage their technical capacity and accepting more VPN clients than their systems can technically serve. This makes the network overcrowded and the connection highly unstable.

With a paid VPN, you are guaranteed a stable connection at all times!

2. Paid VPNs like Le VPN guarantee you a high speed of connection, in the limit of your standard Internet connection speed.

For the same reasons, free VPN providers cannot guarantee a fast speed of connection, when their networks are overcrowded. So what you will experience with a free VPN, especially during the pick hours, is an Internet connection much slower with a free VPN than without any VPN.

With a paid VPN, you are guaranteed that a speed of your connection is at least as high as your speed without any VPN. The speed of your local Internet provider is often the highest limit of speed for the use of all other services, including when connecting with a VPN. Although, with Le VPN we have noticed that sometimes your connection with Le VPN is even faster than without, in the cases when you navigate on the websites while connecting to the server in their country (for example, browsing US websites while being connecting with Le VPN’s American server). To learn more about it, please view our Speed Tests post.

3. A paid VPN like Le VPN is easy to install and you don’t need any technical knowledge to start using the service.

With free VPN providers, it’s often quite complex to set up and establish a VPN network and it requires at least minimal computer science knowledge to figure it out.

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4. With a free VPN it is not often clear who manages the service and for which reasons, so you may be running a risk of your account being listened to or eventually hijacked.

Using a free VPN without the knowledge of who is actually running that service and why is highly deserving you. Instead of protecting your online transactions and data, you are actually disclosing all your browsing and Internet transactions information to a third party that may use it for illicit reasons. We highly recommend being careful with such free services.

When you use a paid VPN service like Le VPN, you know who we are and you accept to have read our Terms of Use that state all our agreements on the confidentiality and the use of data by the two parties. Le VPN is a brand of a real company, compiling with all the international laws and regulations.

5. Free VPNs are often used for cybercrime, therefore quite often IP addresses of a free VPN provider are already black-listed by many websites.

Since a lot of free VPN companies belong to individuals who are not registered anywhere and run those websites for only known to them purposes, and obviously keep no logs and don’t track any fraud activity done through their tunnels – these free VPNs are often used for cyber crime. Therefore, the set of IPs of such free VPN providers is often black-listed and blocked by all the major websites, where they’ve been fraud and hacking cases, which means that you won’t have access to those websites either.

Many paid VPN providers, including Le VPN, have security measures in place that identify all potential clients trying to sign up with a fake identity, or those who use our services for illegal activities. Le VPN has the right to disconnect those individuals from our services without any notice and to report their activities to the corresponding authorities shall there be a request from those.

Le VPN does not support cyber crime and never will, and we take our job very seriously to protect our clients at our best ability.

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