Watch the U.S. Open From Anywhere in the World

Watch the U.S. Open From Anywhere in the World

Are you prepared to watch the US Open from anywhere in the world? Don’t forget to sign up for LeVPN so you can watch all of your favorite matches from anywhere in the world. After all, you don’t want to miss what’s going to happen this year, especially after Andy Murray won the Davis Cup and shook up the tennis world’s predictions of who would win that tournament. After all, isn’t part of the fun you get from watching this sport coming from all of the recent surprises and upsets we’ve seen this past year?


Andy Murray: Can He Continue?

While Murray’s win surprised many spectators, whether or not he can continue to perform at that rate to the end of a Grand Slam has some fans in doubt. While Murray can rally and beat the best of them, as his Davis Cup win shows, his tennis game doesn’t seem to be a consistent one. If he can stay at the top of his game, he will do well, but perhaps the one thing that seems to nag him is keeping his performance constant. Another thing he has going against him is the fact he hasn’t one any of the major tournaments since 2013. If he can continue to keep up with Novak Djokovic, he might have a shot.


Djokovic: The Man to Beat

Djokovic is, of course, another major contender—still young at 28, and already scoring 10 majors. Plus, his past record against Murray at 21-9 lifetime heavily favors him if the two come up against each other. Djokovic is also a top performer on hard courts, so as long as he can stay on top of his performance, he will be sure to give his audience some great matches.


Federer: The Experienced Contender

One player who might through Djokovic off of his game is Roger Federer, who still has some great pep in his step. He may even still have another Grand Slam or two left in him, so he’s certainly a player tennis can’t discount yet.


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