Watch the NBA Playoffs Online Anywhere

Watch the NBA Playoffs Online Anywhere

Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs head into game 2 of the NBA playoffs with the Spurs carrying the first victory in a 110-95 win. But the main headline will be LeBron James limping off with severe leg cramp, thanks to the malfunctioning air conditioning unit, plunging the AT&T Stadium into a hot and humid climate. The heat of the stadium certainly affected both teams but even more so for the Heat’s star player, forcing him to return to the bench late in the 4th period. Want to know how to watch the NBA Playoffs online anywhere?

Game 2 is tonight 8pm Eastern Time, if you’re currently living outside the US it may be difficult to catch the game live. Using Le VPN you can connect to a US IP address and stream the game live wherever you are. If you are in the US, it is easy to stream live sports online through Fox or NBC Sports, but if you try to access these websites abroad you will encounter restrictions. These are in place to make sure only those in the United States can watch online.

This can be especially frustrating if you travelling on holiday or even living abroad. Le VPN allows you to virtually ‘relocate’ yourself to the US, or anywhere else you would like to be, allowing you to have the same access as if you were physically there. Being able to change your location you have the freedom of any region, unrestricted. This isn’t the only benefit of using Le VPN; it also secures your connection, to make sure there is no one else monitoring your activity or potentially accessing sensitive information.

To make sure you don’t miss another playoff game, watch the NBA Playoffs online anywhere. Sign up to Le VPN and stream all NBA games to you live, wherever you connect to the internet, anywhere in the world.



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