Watch TF1 from abroad: connect to a French VPN and change IP to France IP

Watch TF1 from abroad: connect to a French VPN and change IP to France IP

IHS forecasts France’s TV advertising market to grow in 2016. Examples of top-rated shows that are French comprise Luc Besson’s comedy- the police officer show and action series “No Limit” that is also a worldwide sales reach, promoted by TF1. But what brought the network back to life?

The magnetic, careful natural and astute -born leader Paolini, with sources that were Corsican, headed the 40-year old TF1 — with its interests in the movie, digital and TV — through the economic storm and revamped the network’s brand.

“Paolini has succeeded in adapting to shifting preferences and executing a quality-centric strategy while controlling the expense of programming in a tough economic environment,” says Jean-Baptiste Dupont, co-founder of LGM Cinema. “Paolini comprehends that ability is gold, whether in film and television, and he’s cultivated (those) relationships.”

“At TF1 amuse and our mantra is always to educate,” Paolini says. “We picture TF1 as standing, ethnic group or the network of social solidarity, one that brings people together, irrespective of their faith. As France’s most-viewed station, we’re both the witness and the performer of societal change, and while we’re not utopians, it’s needed for us to keep the dialogue open with those who see us, and cultivate values of toleration and positivity through our programs.”

Paolini has insisted on preserving conventional time slots although TV consumption has become fragmented in France. The scheduling lineup is secure and clear on each of our stations and TF1. That’s a critical facet of our strategy because crowds need foreseeable rendezvous.

The Sunday time slot focused on pictures remains a vital one. Of the over 100 pictures that TF1 airs, 60 need to be French, many of which are actioners or mainstream comedies. The group’s a varied lineup of content, like HD1, airs as they can be under less pressure about advertisements and evaluations. This has resulted in an increase in those that watch TF1.

Now, TF1 is nearly an anomaly evaluations-wise compared with other European nets: With a typical market share of 22.9% in 2014, it’s way ahead of the others.

After downs and various up, the risk has paid and, standings are led by TF1’s nightly newscast. So now, there is even more reason to watch TF1 now than there ever was!

If you are based outside of France, but want to watch the new season of French reality shows on TF1, M6 or other French TV chains – it is not possible with your normal internet connection which gives away your foreign IP and doesn’t allow to watch TF1 online.

When you are connected to the internet with your computer, the websites that you visit detect your IP address that gives away the information on where you are geographically based. That information is then used by certain websites, like the TV chains, to manage the content that you see on the internet. That means that if you are trying to watch TF1 from the UK, for example, the live streaming of TF1 online streaming will be blocked for your computer because of your British IP address. Only the viewers with French IP are allowed to see all the French content, including the live streaming of TV chains.

Therefore, in order to view the full content for a certain country, or to watch TF1 live from abroad, you need to be connected with an IP address of that country, or France for TF1. How to change an IP address to a French IP, for example?

That is why you need a VPN connection!

The VPN (or virtual private network) encrypts your current connection and masks your real IP address, and interchanges it for an IP address of the VPN server to which you are connected.  Le VPN has servers in 100+ locations and all the users of Le VPN take advantage of unlimited server switches (you may choose to change servers/countries at any frequency that you like and an unlimited number of times), and also an unlimited bandwidth (you may transfer as much data as you like, we don’t limit your usage). Le VPN also offers SmartDNS Hybrid VPN services, which will unblock your access so you can watch TF1 live streaming. You can then watch TF1 online from abroad.

So if you want to watch new shows on TF1, like Danse avec les Stars that starts this Saturday, but you are based outside of France – it’s no longer a problem! Simply connect to Le VPN French server and enjoy the live streaming of TF1 or its replays in a secure and unlimited way!

Article Updated June 24, 2016



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