Voting Machines Found to be Easy to Hack

Voting Machines Found to be Easy to Hack

Electoral machines in the USA have come under scrutiny after it has been revealed that the touchscreen systems used in several states across America had very low security, as anyone could have easily and anonymously accessed them as voting machines found to be easy to hack. The Virginia Information Technology Agency published the report stating that the security levels on these electoral machines were so low that anyone in the car park of the polling stations could easily bypass security and hack the machines.

It has been revealed that the simple passwords to these machines ranged from “admin” to “abcde”, and these machines had been in use for over 12 years, covering several presidential elections spanning 2002 to 2014. This meant that anyone within a certain radius of the AVS WinVote machines could potentially modify any and all votes completely undetected.

The electronic voting machines coming under fire were found in Virginia, Mississippi and Pennsylvania, where it was found that you didn’t even need to be particularly knowledgable in computer hacking or security in order to remotely access these machines. The security passwords were very basic and mainly used the simple default password. The actual operating systems used in the systems were found to be out of date as well, most as old as 2004, which meant a very low level attack was all that was needed.

There is simply no way of knowing whether these machines were in fact tampered with for the number of years they were in use as none of them hold any sort of logs or records. The report ended with the damning conclusion of never knowing if any tampering went on, but if there truly wasn’t, it would only be because someone didn’t even try.



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