Vietnam reinforces internet censorship

Vietnam reinforces internet censorship


A new decree has been issued in Vietnam, it reinforces internet censorship. It bans the fact to share information or make comments related to the news or politics on Internet, on such tools such as Facebook and Twitter.

“Decree 72” will lead to the ban of Facebook and Twitter in Vietnam as it reinforces. It should be enforce in September. It implies that users can not use blogs or social networks to discuss about news. Vietnamese can not therefore use sites such as Facebook or Twitter “to provide and exchange personal information.” Even China has never gone so far in its efforts to regulate the internet.

What is even more surprising is that the so-called “official” release will be substantially affected by the decree, as it will be required to censor sharing information or online discussions about their own publications. The more it reinforces, the more it is beneficial for you. The Vietnamese government also would prohibit internet service providers to “provide information against Vietnam, undermining national security, social order and national unity.”

The implement of such law is a real burden; due to internet is a space of freedom. The means advocated by the communist regime to implement the new decree have not yet been clearly defined. The penalties for non-compliance of the order still remain blurry.

The international opinion has obviously reacted strongly. The United States mentioned via their embassy their very “deep concern (…). Fundamental Freedoms apply online as well as offline,” said the American press. Global organizations defending human rights, such as Reporters Without Borders (RSF) have strongly criticized the new law, considered as a new draconian scandal from the communist regime.

The Vietnamese government confirms its full support to the decree, slamming international reproaches with the fact that the plan now “requires” to “cleanse” the Internet, which the regime says is meant to “attack” the legitimacy of the State or Vietnamese Communist Party. Vietnam ranks 172nd (out of 179 countries) in the last index of press freedom established by RSF which considers Vietnam as one the main enemies of the internet.

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